NEW Sofa Throw - Flint
NEW Sofa Throw - Flint

NEW Sofa Throw - Flint

Throws are better than ever... Now easier to wash and handle! 

We've decided to use a higher quality natural cotton towelling for Throws - it's thicker and more tightly woven. Consequently they are now single layered, which makes them easier to handle and wash, and even more resilient. Don't worry, we haven't changed the sizes and colours, we just think the new thicker towelling makes them better than ever!

For many of us, cuddling up with our dogs on the sofa is the perfect end to the day, yet we know that expensive sofas soon start to suffer. If we don’t protect them, before long they get stained and smelly! Imagine being able to cuddle your dog without caring one jot about hair, mud or wet.

Ruff and Tumble Sofa Throws protect new sofas and transform old ones. Generously cut, these don’t end up rolled into a bundle in the corner! In three specially selected contemporary colours, our towelling Sofa Throws ooze style and have a natural weight and stretch that means they stay put. The M is perfect for double beds too. Whilst they’re practical and stylish at home, you’ll be even more glad of them whilst visiting friends, or renting a cottage for your holiday.

  • Three sizes stretch to fit chairs, huge sofas and beds
  • Wash on 30 and Tumble on gentle
  • Perfect for holidays and visiting friends
  • Protect brand new sofas from day one
  • Natural weight and stretch helps Sofa Throw stay put
  • Three contemporary colours to suit all interiors
  • No hassle returns: if you’re not happy, we’re not happy


Sofa Throw 

See them in action!

Take a look at just how easy it is to FULLY cover and protect your sofa! Smart and seriously practical!