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Drying Coats


What size do I need?

Working out the right size is simple and straightforward - honest. We know life’s too short to take endless measurements. All you need to know is your dog’s weight and their topline measurement, from their shoulder blades, (NOT collar). Then, look at our sizing chart or enter the measurements into our Sizing Calculator, here. If you’re still not sure, either call us on 03332 079960, Monday-Friday 9am-5pm, or message us on Facebook or Instagram.

What if my dog is between sizes?

If your dog is on the border between sizes, we usually say go for the larger size. Many dogs can fit two sizes. It’s not an exact science and the coats are very adjustable. The bigger size will cover and dry more of your dog. But, when choosing the bigger size, do consider carefully if your dog is very small, short legged, excitable or has a stick-up tail, as in these cases it is less easy to go for the larger size!

My dog is a funny shape, will the coat still fit?

It is very rare for our Drying Coats to not fit a dog – we have the biggest range of sizes we know. We also have a different design, and five sizes, especially for short-legged dogs. All of the coats are very adjustable. On the M coat for instance, there are over 12 inches of Velcro on the coat for the belly flap to attach to, so two dogs will both fit an M coat – even if one is 12 inches bigger round the waist than the other. Also, because the coats can be secured so tightly, a long slim dog, like a Whippet or a Greyhound, can go up a size, and still be fastened securely in a coat, ensuring that the undercarriage is drying and the coat stays in place.

Do you make Drying Coats for puppies?

No we don’t, though our smallest Drying Coat fits dogs 1-3kg, and our Drying Coats will fit puppies of all breeds as well as fully sized dogs - you just buy a smaller one. However, if you buy one too young, there is a good chance your dog will grow out of it, which will be costly for you. Also, very young puppies are just too frisky, chewy and wobbly for our Drying Coats! We usually suggest buying Drying Mitts for puppies and then the matching Drying Coat when they are approaching the weight of the size of Drying Coat they are likely to need as an adult. This can happen by four months onwards, depending on the breed. Call us if you are not sure, on 03332 079960.

My dog has short legs, will she trip?

We have five sizes in our Classic Range that are for short legged dogs: Dachshund Mini, Tweenie and Standard, and Basset Small and Large. Any short-legged dog will benefit from these Drying Coats which are designed differently. At the front, they are shorter and allow more freedom of movement, as well as being shorter at the sides and cut away more over the shoulders.

My dog’s not fully grown - can I buy a coat for them to ‘grow into?’

As soon as puppies are getting wet and dirty outside, owners often ask this question. Many dogs, by four months onwards, depending on breed, can buy a Drying Coat they will grow into – but not all. The coats fit ‘early’ because they are so adjustable. The belly flap can be extended or tightened by over 12 inches on a M coat for example. On excitable young dogs the leg straps at the back help the coat to stay in place too. Making sure the neck is fastened with the Velcro, and turned back, is also important at this stage. But, if the coat is too big, there is a danger of tripping or the dog being able to get out of it. When looking at the sizing, if your puppy is approaching the weight range of the size you think they will be within when they are fully grown, then it is likely that you can buy that size for them to ‘grow into’.

It’s a gift for a friend’s dog and I don’t know the weight…

In a situation like this, if you would like to make your best guess, that’s fine, just follow the sizing guide and if the coat doesn’t fit, we’ll exchange it. See the returns and exchanges policy, but basically as long as the coat is returned unused and unwashed within sixty days, that’s fine.  The alternative is to buy Ruff & Tumble gift vouchers.

Is it OK to try the Drying Coat on my dog when it comes, for size?

Yes of course it is. Just make sure your dog is dry and clean please, in case you need to exchange it!


How long should my dog wear the Drying Coat for?

Until it is dry! This varies from 20 minutes to over an hour depending on the dog, their coat and how wet they are. We always recommend a once over with a towel if the dog is soaking wet. The coats are made of breathable, natural cotton and are comfy to wear. Many dogs fall asleep in them and simply wake up dry.

How do the Drying Coats dry so fast?

There are several reasons why Ruff and Tumble Drying Coats work so well. Firstly, they are made of double layered, thick towelling. These two layers work very differently from one layer. The inner layer wicks wet from the hair of the dog, leaving the inner layer warm next to the dog. The heat of the dog pushes the wet to the outer layer too. Secondly, the Drying Coats are designed to hug the dog closely. A wide and adjustable belly flap covers the undercarriage and holds the coat closely to the body, keeping it in place. A deep neck can be folded up to cover the ears and dry the head, or, folded back. Leg straps at the back can be useful to hold the coat straight. Little tucks at the back of the coat, curve it around the back and tail. Lastly and in many ways most importantly, the coats not only offer great coverage and drying, they also allow free movement and are very comfortable for dogs to wear. If dogs don’t like something, they will fight you putting it on and eventually you will give up using it. The fact that the Drying Coats get the dog’s vote is their ultimate success story.

What is the difference between a Classic and a Country coat?

The Classic Coats have a fabric trim and the Country Coats have a corduroy trim. The Classic coats come in more sizes too and are our most cost-effective range – though all the coats in all the collections are the same. The price points reflect design differences only.

Why do the Design Drying Coats feel so soft?

The Design Collection Drying Coats are hand-dyed in stages, because of the stripes. In order to create clear lines the outer layer of towelling need to be shaved by 2mm. Without this the stripes would have blurred edges and not look nearly as great! Don't worry however, the design coats have just as much drying power as the rest.

How are drying coats different to towel drying?

Drying Coats are double thickness and can stay on the dog until they are completely dry. Being two layers of cotton, the wet is wicked, (pulled), from the hair of the dog. The dog’s heat pushes the wet from the inner to the outer layer. The coat can stay on the dog until they are completely dry because towelling is natural and breathable.  It is not possible to dry dogs thoroughly with a thin towel. The Drying Coat also holds in dirt, sand, and smells, unlike towels.

How many colours do you have?

We have nine stock colours in three Collections and also, periodically, have Limited Edition colours – usually for Crufts and at Christmas. The Classic Collection, (fabric trim), is available in Brick Red, Sandringham Blue, Bottle Green and Heather, in seventeen sizes from XXXS to Giant Mountain Dog, including five short-legged dog sizes. The Country Collection, with a faux leather trim, has three colours: Mud, Burgundy and French Navy, in XS – GSD sizes. The Design Collection has a Beach Coat, which is striped, in sizes XS to Mountain Dog.

Where are the Drying Coats made?

The Drying Coats are made in Turkey because this is where we found the highest quality towelling.

How to use a Drying Coat

How do the coats go on?

They are slipped over the dog’s head, straightened along the back, and then fastened by a belly strap that goes under the body and then attached with Velcro at the side.  They are also fastened with Velcro at the neck, which is either folded forwards to make a ‘hoody’ or folded back.

Can I walk my dog in a Drying Coat?

No. They are not waterproof outdoor coats, they are indoor drying coats. Your dog can walk easily, sleep and eat in a coat, when drying inside the home or a car. They can also jump into or out of a car with a Drying Coat on. They are most commonly used for drying wet dogs inside after wet walks, dips in the sea or rivers, hydrotherapy and baths.

Can my dog wee in the coat?

The Drying Coats are indoor coats for drying and not designed to be worn outside. Female dogs can wee in the coat but, because of the wide belly flap a male dog cocking his leg will soil the coat.

What are the leg straps for?

Two elasticated leg straps at the back are on every Drying Coat as an optional extra to help with fixing the Drying Coat in place. They are not always necessary but some customers with wriggly dogs love them.

How many ways can I use a Drying Coat?

Customers are always coming up with new ways to use our coats, but we feel there are five most common uses:  drying, calming, warming, post-op and cooling.

How do I use the Drying Coat with a harness

Take the harness off and put over the coat so that the dog can dry underneath the harness. A properly fit harness should easily allow room for our Drying Coat.

Caring for your Drying Coat

How should I wash my Drying Coat?

Wash it with the Velcro done up, on 30, without fabric softener. Tumble dry on gentle.

Can I tumble dry my Drying Coat?

Yes, you can, on gentle.

Is the Country Coats faux leather trim OK in the dryer?

Yes, it is fine. If you have a very ‘chewy puppy’, we recommend you avoid Country Coats until they have passed this phase as the trim can be tempting!

Should I wash my Drying Coat before using?

Yes, you should, otherwise there is the possibility of colour transference to other fabrics. However be sure to try the coat on for size before washing!

Dog Beds


Is the bed washable?

Yes! The cotton canvas covers can be easily removed using the hidden zips and machine washed at 30° on a gentle setting. It is very important to wash the canvas mattress cover and bolster pockets inside out. This is because, as with jeans/chinos, faint lines may appear unless washed inside out. Do not use fabric softener and hang dry inside out away from direct heat.  

How can I work out the right size for my dog?

Your dog will have a sleeping style: sprawling, side or curled up and you'll know how they like to sleep. Bolster Beds can accommodate all of these styles, but like us humans, we  find a little bit of extra space is preferable to restricted space, so measure your dog's topline and add some wiggle room!

What's the benefit of bolster sides?

The Bolster sides exclude draughts, support limbs, necks and heads and help dogs to feel secure and safe in 'their' zone. 

Why is memory foam important?

Memory foam mattresses respond to heat and pressure to reduce pressure point problems. They contour to the shape of the dog, so are supportive as well as comfortable.

Are the dog beds chew-proof?

No bed is chew proof apart from solid steel ones, which wouldn't be very comfortable! If your dog is a chewer or an incessant digger, and you don't or can't stop it, no bed will last very long. With this in mind the Burnham Bolster bed is made with a durable cotton canvas to give it the best chance of survival!

Why are some beds more expensive than others?

Not all dog beds are the same. Some beds don't have foam mattresses, and are just filling, which can become compressed, unsupportive and 'thin'. The Burnham Bolster Bed has a double mattress - high grade memory foam on top of firm upholstery foam. This means the soft memory foam yields to sore joints but doesn't sink to a hard cold floor. Like human mattresses, dog mattresses are vital for comfort and sleep quality. Dogs can sleep up to 18 hours a day so an excellent mattress is never a false economy. Synthetic fabrics are usually cheaper than natural cotton and beds without sides will always be less expensive than beds with bolsters. Bolster sides offer security, warmth, support and therefore comfort. Plump and pillowy bolsters are more supportive than thinly filled ones, which can flop and do not support the head or body. From the cotton canvas covers, to the robustness of the zips, to the rolled and balled filling, every aspect of the Burnham Bolster bed is designed for comfort and long life.

Is a supportive mattress important?

Yes! Arthritis affects 35% of dogs of all ages and 80% of dogs over 8 years old, CAM, (Canine Arthritis Management). Preventing arthritis is not always possible, but a preventative care plan would include a supportive bed, according to CAM. Once a dog has sore, painful or swollen joints a supportive mattress and bolster sides are vital. The bolster sides on the Burnham Bolster are high enough for chin and limb support and draught prevention, but not so high that getting into and out of the bed is difficult for arthritic dogs. 

How old should my dog be before I buy a bed?

There are no hard and fast rules here, but it is important to consider a few factors. Firstly, puppies like to feel secure, so a bed is important in creating a cosy environment. Up to about eighteen months old, when puppies are teething, they may chew. That said, you'll know quickly if your dog is 'a chewer' or not. As your dog is growing, you could consider buying a smaller, cheaper bed, to allow for this.  A good mattress is important, however, to support young soft bones as they grow. It is a mistake to think that orthopaedic beds are only suitable for older arthritic dogs, as a supportive mattress and cosy bed help to prevent arthritis. 

Dog Cooling Coats

How to Use a Cooling Coat

How do I put on the Cooling Coat?

Firstly slip the dog's head through the neck hole of the coat. Then bring the chest panel between the front legs of the dog. Finally bring the straps up and around the chest of the dog and fasten the clips at the top.

The chest straps are easily adjusted with the adjustable sliders.

How do I activate the Cooling power of the coat?

Soak the Cooling Vest in cold water, wring it out, clip it on and the cooling effect will start to work.

For continuous cooling, regularly recharge the coat to ensure that the central layer of the Cooling Jacket is soaked at all times. 


How does the Cooling Coat actually work?

With the maximum rating of UPF 50+, the outer silver layer deflects the sun's rays. The middle layer holds cool water in a reservoir section. Heat activates the evaporative cooling power of water, mocking 'sweating' which cools the dog. The inner comfy mesh layer acts as a membrane which cools without wetting the dog. 

Can I use a Harness with a Cooling Coat?

Yes you can! There is an adjustable access hole on the back of the Cooling Coat which allows for use of most harnesses.

Should I put a Cooling Coat on a hot panting dog?

Sometimes you’ll suddenly realise your dog is uncomfortable in the heat and you’ll want to put on a Cooling Coat to regulate their temperature. If they are not showing signs of heatstroke: seizure, excessive panting, drooling/foaming at the mouth, restlessness, shaking, a lack of balance and red gums – it is OK to use it. But if you have any concerns or see any of these symptoms, you must call the Vet, get advice, and get your dog seen as soon as possible. Although Cooling Coats will aid cooling, over-reliance on them is dangerous in certain temperatures/situations. It is naive to see them as a simple solution for heatstroke prevention, and they are not a treatment for heatstroke.

Can you exercise on a very hot day with a Cooling Coat on your dog?

In a word, no. We would always say that when it’s very hot, do not exercise with your dog. Keep them indoors, or in the shade, with water and ventilation.

Why can’t I just wet my dog on hot days?

You can! Especially the chest area and behind the front legs. However, wearing a Ruff and Tumble Cooling Coat should keep them cooler for longer because the central layer stores and holds a layer of cooling water, that is in contact with the dog’s chest and back area. Heat causes an evaporative effect that keeps their body temperature controlled, even if the day is getting warmer.

Does every dog need a Cooling Coat?

At R&T, with our 25 dogs between 11 staff, we unanimously believe that there are times we would all use one. We are quite active and enjoy walking and hiking with our dogs and it is reassuring to pack one in a rucksack, have one in the back of the car, or in the utility room, just in case the day/activity might get to a level of temperature we know will be too high to be comfortable. But that said, the older dogs suffer more than the young, the hairy more than the short haired and the brachycephalic more than the non-brachycephalic. Cooling Coats, when used properly, undoubtedly have their place in the dog owner’s most useful products range.

I dislike Velcro on Cooling Coats, how does the Ruff and Tumble cooling gear fasten?

Whilst we love Velcro on our Drying Coats, our research revealed that Velcro is not practical for a coat that will be used on outdoor adventures. Velcro is not strong enough to withstand digging around in the undergrowth! The cool coat is fastened with a sturdy clip which holds the coats in place. Also, because the coat goes between the dog's legs, it not only cools the important chest area, but is more likely to stay in place and not twist.

I don't like the Cooling Coats that dry hard as they break and are uncomfortable for my dog - how does the Ruff and Tumble one dry?

We don't like any coat that is uncomfortable for dogs because they'll vote with their feet, run off and refuse to wear it! This is why we made the coat comfortable to wear whether wet or dry. However, please note that the coat must never dry out, because then it will warm and not cool your dog. Owners must recharge the coat with water regularly to use it safely. 


How do I measure my dog for a Cooling Coat?

To determine the right size for your dog, you need to know your dog’s chest size and 'topline' (the topline is measured from the shoulder blades to the start of the tail). Sizes are adjustable using the sliders on the chest straps.

There are five sizes, from XS to XL, and the Cooling Coats will fit small Terriers up to Mountain Dogs.

What do I do if my dog is on the border between sizes?

Unlike our Drying Coats we recommend going for the smaller size because a snug fit is better than a loose one. There are adjustable straps too, which offer flexibility. The aim is to have the cool water in the middle layer to be in contact with your dog. However, if you need to exchange, you will have 60 days to do so. 


Caring For Your Cooling Coat

How should I wash my Cooling Coat?

• Secure fastenings

• Wash in cold water

• Gentle cycle

• Hang dry


Returning and Exchanging

Can I exchange/refund?

Yes of course you can! But only if your Drying Coat is not personalised. It is not always possible to get the sizing right – neither our sizing calculator nor our staff are bomb proof when it comes to sizing. Like all online shopping, sometimes you must try on to be sure. If you find, for whatever reason, you need to exchange, just return the Drying Coat to us within sixty days, unused and unwashed, and we’ll sort it for you. Read our Returns Policy page to see how to do it!

What is the returns policy?

We will happily refund or exchange any item purchased from Ruff and Tumble within 60 days of receipt unless that item has been personalised. Returned goods must be unused and unwashed. The address to send your return to is: The Ruff and Tumble Dog Company Ltd, Unit 4 Oakham Enterprise Park, Ashwell Road, Oakham, Rutland, LE15 7TU

Can I buy two sizes and return one?

Yes, that’s no problem, though not really necessary as we can advise on sizing if you are unsure – just call us on 03332 079960, Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm.


Shopping FAQs

Can I come and buy from your warehouse in Oakham?

We are more than happy for customers to pop into our warehouse in Oakham to buy from us. We are open 9am-5pm, Mon-Fri. To be sure we’re there, call first: 03332 079960. The Ruff and Tumble Dog Company Ltd, Unit 4 Oakham Enterprise Park, Ashwell Road, Oakham, Rutland, LE15 7TU

Are there any offers?

We have sales and offers during the year but not all the time. We usually have a sale in January. The best way to hear about offers and sales is to follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, or join our mailing list. If you join the mailing list (sign-up is available at the bottom of this page) you’ll receive a 10% off discount code, as well as receive exclusive offers, competitions and previews.

How can I try before I buy?

We attend many shows and have over 200 stockists in the UK as well as over 50 overseas, in 12 countries. See our stockists via our Ruff & Tumble Store Locator. Just ring before you visit to check that they have the size and colour you would like.

Can I pay by Apple pay, Paypal or American Express?


Where do I add my discount code?

There is a box in the checkout where you can add your discount code