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Dog Stereotypes – Recognise yours?

What’s your dog like, and do you recognise them in these tongue-in-cheek dog stereotypes we’ve put together for a bit of fun? Our dogs reflect our lifestyle, where we live and what we like to do, so it’s hardly surprising that there are a few extremes here! That said, all dogs need to get dry after getting wet - which as you know, is where we come in. See which Ruff and Tumble products we think go best with each dog stereotype here, and tell us if we’ve got it right!

Handbag Dog 

Most likely name: Binky Boo-Boo/Tiffany-Tinks/Gucci-Baby

Natural habitat: Chelsea: in a handbag, specially adapted pram, papoose or bike basket.

Most likely breed: Anything tiny and fluffy.

Favourite pastime: Being cuddled and complimented.

Least likely to want: To touch the ground.

Most likely to need: This season’s must have outfit.

Worst nightmare: Missing a grooming appointment; walking; anywhere green.

Hates: Weather; big dogs; everyone except her owner; anyone who touches or looks at her owner.

Loves: Selfridges pet department; all her activities: yoga, massage, therapy, parties, grooming, Feng Shui, modelling, photography, signings, social media, guest appearances etc etc etc.

Shameful incident: Accidentally crossed the river to Putney once. Never again.

Dog Drying Coat of Choice: Classic Collection in Heather.

Springer Spaniel Jumping

Most likely name: Jonty Fairfax-Favour/Bufty Barbour/Cosmo DuBarry

Natural habitat: The country: it’s muddy, wet and smelly.

Most likely breed: Springer/Lab

Favourite pastime: Getting wet, running through woods, rolling in poo. Repeat.

Least likely to want: A bath.

Most likely to need: A bath.

Worst nightmare: A bath.

Hates: Being stuck on a lead.

Loves: Being outside all day; rain; snow; water; mud; poo; dead things; chasing live things.

Shameful incident: Was once dressed up in a pink tutu and a tiara by a little girl after a dinner party and secretly quite liked it.

Dog Drying Coat of Choice: At least two coats needed. The Country Collection of course. One Mud and one Burgundy plus matching Drying Mitts, two Bed Covers, for car and bed.

Groomed Dog

Most likely name: Priscilla Perfect/Duke Trottington Go-Lightly III

Natural habitat: Crufts.

Most likely breed: Well where do we start….

Favourite pastime: Running in circles; being told she is a good girl.

Least likely to want: To ruin that perfect hair do!

Most likely to need: N/A – she’s perfect!

Worst nightmare: Missing the deadline for competition entries; needing a wee in the ring.

Hates: Losing; flyaway fur; dull fur; being uncombed.

Loves: Winning; the sound of clapping; being obedient; doing things other dogs can’t do.

Shameful incident: Came second. Once.

Dog Drying Coat of Choice: Classic Collection in Sandringham Blue.


Most likely name: Poppy/Alfie

Natural habitat: On the sofa watching Strictly.

Most likely breed: Cockerpoo, labradoodle, cocker spaniel.

Favourite pastime: Being with her family.

Least likely to want: Kennels.

Most likely to need: A few boundaries.

Worst nightmare: No family, food, sofa, bed and TV.

Hates: Seeing her family stroke other dogs; when someone sits in her place on the sofa; teatime being delayed.

Loves: Every single aspect of her indulged life, (except baths).

Dog Drying Coat of Choice: Classic Collection Brick Red, also, XL Brick Red Sofa Throw.

Shameful incident: She wants to love her family the most but can’t help loving anyone that strokes her or gives her food.


Where does your dog fit in? Maybe there’s a bit of your pooch in all four?

Our slobbery stereotypes are perhaps a little far fetched because we all know that EVERY dog is unique. Each and every one has his/her own quirks and habits that make them special to us and that’s why why love them!

Having said that, there are some simple ways to keep your dog happy, whatever their breed may be.