Does your dog have a sweetheart?

Does your dog have a sweetheart?

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we thought this was an apt question to pose. After extensive research, (OK, it was just the dogs at R&T HQ), we have proof that dogs fall in love. Red and Waffle fancied each other at first sight and even Yoshi has a girlfriend. And he doesn’t like anyone. Or anything. Stand offish Ella never had the hots for any dog until she set eyes on Albie. She then stalked him until he caved. Even Twiglet, who is now very old, deaf and blind, gets frisky when Ralph visits. Her stamina is an inspiration to us all…

So, we know that dogs show love and affection behaviour but does science back it up? It turns out it does. According to The American Psychological Association, a dog’s mind is roughly the equivalent to a two year old’s in terms of mental ability and emotions. So, whilst they may not be particularly sophisticated when they see a dog they love, they do show emotion and excitement. Dogs, like humans, release oxytocin when they are with pooches they are partial to, and it’s this hormone which drives dogs to form ‘loving’ relationships.

Interestingly, canines practice monogamy - protecting mates from potential adulterers. However, some male dogs will wait until a competitor is off the scene before he sneaks in for a quick smooch. Crixus would fall into this category – he’s the office stud!

But do remember that a dog shouldn't be treated like a human, requiring their own special treatment in all things, including love.

Dr. Marc Bekoff, a researcher of dog’s behaviour, says that there is an honesty and intimacy about dogs’ relationships that we could all learn from. ‘Dogs aren't afraid to sniff each other’, Bekoff says.

So that’s where I’ve been going wrong….

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Of course, there are lots of additional ways to show affection your dog or pup.