Tried & Tested

Tried & Tested

The Dogs at HQ give the lowdown on their favourite products.

The ratio of dogs to humans is nearly 3:1 at Ruff and Tumble, and sometimes it’s hard to know who’s in charge – Alison, Ed and Richard, or the dogs! All together, they know an awful lot about dog stuff, so they thought they’d tell you about the products they use and love. After much talking and barking, the dogs took over and wrote the feature! They refused any attempts at editing, so we’re sorry but they do go on. A lot.

Twiglet’s Totally into Tennis Balls

I recommend tennis ballsas my favourite toy. They are all mine. I collect them off every other dog in the near vicinity. This may not seem a big deal but I am totally blind so I reckon that’s impressive. Alison, my owner, would call me brave and bossy but I like to call it survival.

Daisy Dotes on Danish Design Beds

I love these beds, but I rarely get to use them because everyone else is always in them. I don’t mind though. Twiglet usually has the biggest bed to herself, but she’s old and blind so I think that’s fair. Sometimes the small one is free, which is lucky for me. It’s so funny though because you can’t actually see it when I’m in it!  We’ve had them for ages because they never wear out, and they are super snuggly. I hope that one day I might get to go in the one with the higher sides. It’s everyone’s favourite though, so I’m happy to wait a few more years yet.

Lulu loves ByBenji Treats & Scruffy Chops Shampoo
Hello darlings, I hope you like me. I don’t want to annoy anyone and I’m really worried that if I admit that I like Bybenji Treatsall the others will talk about me behind my back. Alison says I can be a neurotic mummy’s girl but the others don’t really understand what it’s like being an Agility Expert. A life in the limelight brings pressures. My coat for instance. Weekly baths play havoc with it, so Mumsy uses Scruffy Chops Shampoowhich smells divine and is full of natural minerals.

Hooch says Hurrah for Skinners Salmon and Rice and Hicks and Hides Collars

I am a Lab so I like food, obviously. When I’m not helping Dad, (Richard), pack orders at Ruff and Tumble, I volunteer on the Skinners stand at events as a Senior Quality Control Food Tester. This is an important role which I struggle to find time for, but dedicate hours to. If I didn’t love Dad so much, I’d work for Skinners. I like Hicks and Hides collars because they are traditional leather collars and I’m a manly sort of Lab, you know?

Red Raves about Guru Dog Food and Dogs and Horses Leads and Collars

Hooch? Manly? No way! He’s like about a million years old and I might only be a teenager but he is SO not brave! He goes to bed with a TEDDY and is scared of the HOOVER. He’s like TOTALLY WRONG about those products too. I mean like everyone knows that Guru foodis the best, like DUH! It’s soooooo yummy and doesn’t make me feel bad inside, y’know? I just luuuurve Dogs and Horses Collarsbecause they are like really NOW, and all my friends have them, so I have to have them otherwise they’ll hate me and talk about me on Snapchat.

Yoshi says Yes to Pooch and Mutt Treats and Mutts and Butts Poop Bags

Hello there Girls! And boys. But mostly girls. I try to be a gentleman at all times to the LAYDEEZE, and these products help with my chat up routine. We all know how you can get caught short. Tricky. No one wants to smell of poo on a first date. Not sexy. At all. So, Mutts and Butts Poop Bags are simply wonderful because they are big and thick and biodegradable and take the poo out of the equation fast, phew! Now every chick I’ve ever met, and I’ve met a few I can tell you, loves treats. They make her feel special, and this can speed things up a bit, know what I saying? Pooch and Mutt Treatsare made of natural stuff which is great as the girls care about how they look and what they eat don’t they? I’m telling you, it never fails. After one or two treats, I’m away. Remember, you heard it here first. Sock anyone? Ciao.