StreetVet – A Charity on a mission to help the pets of those experiencing homelessness. Help us to help them.

StreetVet – A Charity on a mission to help the pets of those experiencing homelessness. Help us to help them.

We are pleased to announce that we will be raising funds for StreetVet, a very worthy national charity that helps provide free essential veterinary care and services to pets owned by those experiencing homelessness across the UK. From 5 September, which is International Charity Day, until World Homeless Day on 10 October, £1 from every sale of Ruff and Tumble Drying Coats will be donated to StreetVet.

Over 300,000 people are homeless in the UK and up to 25% have a pet - but what do these pet owners do and where do they go when they need help with basic preventative or emergency care for the animals they love? Accessing care when you are homeless is complicated and daunting. StreetVet reaches out to those who are experiencing homelessness - it may be on the street, at a soup kitchen or in a hostel. Over 300 volunteer vets and vet nurses work in teams in 17 locations across the UK, from Glasgow to Cornwall. They outreach regularly in each location, at a fixed time and place, to help build a trusted presence in the community.

Jade Statt, co-founder and Clinical Director of StreetVet and a vet herself, started StreetVet in 2016 along with Sam Joseph - also a vet - after a chat with a homeless man on the street who she stopped to talk to. Our pets are family, and we love them, and Jade could see how the bond between this man and his dog was heightened by his vulnerability. As a vet, she felt that there was something she could do, and seven years later that one dog she wanted to help has become over 2000 pets that StreetVet has registered and supported.

StreetVet offers a wide range of services to clients who are eligible icnluding: free accessible vet care on the streets, surgery or hospitalisation if needed, transport to the vet, emergency boarding if an owner needs to access hospital care or rehabilitation, a 24 hour emergency number and lots of pet essentials through a network of supporters and partners. Their work with the launch of the StreetVet Accredited Hostel Scheme on supporting hostels to accept a person who has a pet has been game changing, as less than 10%* of hostels are currently pet friendly. This leaves people with a horrendous decision to make; continue to sleep on the streets or give up their beloved companion for a bed.

Help us to help StreetVet - buy one of our Drying Coats for speedy drying of wet dogs and you'll be helping them, your dog and you! The demands on StreetVet's services have increased by over 300% in the last 12 months and with winter coming, the demand will continue increasing. So dig deep, and why not add a donation at the checkout too?

Thank you for your support.