Does your dog smell bad?

Does your dog smell bad?

Does your dog smell bad?
Here's what to do!

Let's be brutally honest, dogs smell and they can make your house and car smell. And while some smells are OK, others are definitely not! As dog owners we need to watch out for a sudden change in the smell of our dogs as it can indicate an issue which needs to be checked out by a vet. Knowing how to keep your dog and home fresh smelling and what action needs to be taken when they are not, is all part of being a dog owner.

Why does a dog smell bad?

Dog smells that are normal...

Dogs are living creatures and like us, sometimes whiff a bit. Glands in their ears release a yeasty aroma and anal glands can be musty at times, but we know how important that smell is to other dogs when it comes to 'saying hello'!
Dogs also produce oils on their skin and fur and sweat from their pads, both of which contribute to the homely waft of the dog. The truth is dogs love to smell bad so taking them for walks where there are endless opportunities to roll in poo and dive into smelly water present a big challenge to dog owners every day.

Dogs smell bad all of a sudden, and maybe it's not OK...

Smelly dog breath

Some dogs have smelly breath and this usually means there's something going on. It can be gum disease, a tooth problem, diabetes or even kidney failure. If you notice something different it's always best to pop to the vet.

Smelly dog ears

If ears are bacterially infected they will smell really bad and strong - quite different to normal. Another sign is that your dog will shake its head and scratch its ears. If this happens, a trip to the vet is needed.

Smelly dogs' bottoms

Dogs breaking wind is a daily occurrence at Ruff and Tumble HQ - Hooch is the worst offender! But, if it suddenly increases in frequency or smell, it can be a warning sign of something more sinister going on. Consider a visit to the vet or review their diet. Another reason why dogs' backsides smell are when their anal sacs become full or impacted. It's a strong fishy smell and unpleasant if it leaks onto furniture. If your dog is dragging its bottom on the ground, this can be a sign. Some hardy owners will empty anal glands themselves, but it's not the most pleasant of jobs, so most people prefer to delegate this one to the vet.

How can I make my dog and home smell better?

Bathing - get into a routine

Bathing dogs is not difficult if you have the right set up. Preparation is all and having the right kit makes all the difference. Some dog owners like to know if human shampoo, such as Dove or Head and Shoulders, can be used on dogs, but we strongly advise against it. Human skin has a different pH to dogs' and using human shampoo can disturb the balance and lead to itchiness and infection. Ruff and Tumble Shampoo, Ruff Wash, is gentle and natural and especially brilliant on smelly dogs due to the essential oils of Rosemary and Eucalyptus which are odour beating. Finish with Ruff Fresh, a dog mist spray that will help detangle and condition the hair of the dog. After a quick rub down, use a Dog Drying Coat to dry your dog after a bath as this will save endless drying with towels which is back breaking and endless. Once on, double layered towelling Drying Coats wick wet from fur. Read some of our tips for bathing your dog.

Dog beds, toys and bowls - keep clean

It's easy to focus on the source of whiffs - your dog - and forget all the things they chew and lie on. The Ruff and Tumble Bed Covers, with elasticated edges, slip on and off beds easily so are more convenient to wash frequently, keeping homes fresher. Washing smelly toys and dog bowls frequently sounds obvious but it's easy to forget them when we're busy. If you are too busy to wash your dog bed, freshen it up with Ruff Spritz, Ruff and Tumble's fragrant dog spray. The odour neutralising essential oils of Rosemary and Eucalyptus will freshen instantly.

Sofas, chairs and beds...

We are definitely in the 'dogs allowed on sofas and beds' brigade at Ruff and Tumble. Nothing beats a cuddle on the sofa on a Saturday night watching Strictly in our book! But, dogs can make furniture and beds dirty, smelly and hairy quickly and having a dog isn't necessarily synonymous with being happy with a smelly house. The Ruff and Tumble drying range really does dog proof your home. Throws on sofas and beds, Bed Covers on the various dog beds around the home, Mitts by the back door and in the car and a Drying Coat popped on after wet walks is the road to sanity for homeowners. All are easily washed on 30 and tumbled on gentle. Have you removed your dog bed cover and sofa covers recently and washed them? Exactly, it's not easy is it? But removing Throws and elastic edged Bed Covers is really easy. Which means of course that you wash often, keeping homes and furniture fresher.

Bring Ruff and Tumble into your life for managing wet dogs more easily and a fresher home!