Ruff and Tumble and CAM launch Crufts partnership

Ruff and Tumble and CAM launch Crufts partnership

Alison Priestley, the owner of Ruff and Tumble, and Hannah Capon, (MA Vet MB MRCVS), who is the force behind Canine Arthritis Management, (CAM), are working together to help dogs with arthritis. This year, the Cruft’s Limited Edition Drying Coats will raise funds for CAM. £1 of every coat sold will be donated to CAM, helping them to support dogs in chronic pain.

When Hannah and Alison met in Grantham recently to thrash out how they would work together, it was obvious that they had a lot in common. Chatting over lunch, with Luna, Lulu and Daisy helping to clear up the crumbs, they shared their back stories. Both started their organisations from scratch, both work incredibly hard and both love dogs to pieces. The frustrations of trying to do a million things with limited staff and resources was a common theme, as was their determination to do so!

Alison came across CAM when Daisy, her black Lab, developed arthritis. Like others, she was unaware that arthritis is the most common cause of chronic pain in dogs. It affects 80% of older dogs and is a disabling, non-curable and progressive disease. Faced with a wealth of tempting ‘miracle cures’, Alison didn’t know where to begin to help ease Daisy’s pain. Through the CAM website she discovered an invaluable source of reassuring and practical advice which enabled her to help Daisy and save money! CAM is a vet backed group whose aim is to present the facts, reassure and help improve a dog’s life. Hannah, a practising vet, says, "We believe that changing owner, vet and public perception of how to diagnose and treat chronic pain in animals will lead to improved lives for animals and their owners".

At Crufts 2019, Ruff and Tumble will launch two Drying Coat colours, which are the CAM logo colours of Jade and French Navy. They have a snazzy contrast inner layer and a distinctive striped ribbon trim. The drying coats will be launched exclusively at Crufts, with any leftover stock available on the website from the week commencing March 11, 2019.




Want to find out more about arthritis in dogs?

Take part in a Live Facebook Chat with Hannah on Monday 4 March at 8pm on the Ruff and Tumble Facebook page or pop over to our stand at Crufts in Hall 1-116 on Friday 8 March at 12-2pm and meet Hannah yourself!

Ruff and Tumble have TWO stands at Crufts: Hall 1-116 and Hall 3-9 - see you there!

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