Easy and Healthy Doggy Treat Christmas Baking

Easy and Healthy Doggy Treat Christmas Baking

It will soon be time to close the doors, light the candles, open your kitchen cupboards and start your Christmas preparation cooking. There is nothing quite so comforting as making mince pies with Radio 4 on in the background and opportunist dogs under your feet. Talking of dogs, have you ever made any treats for them? No, us neither, so we thought it would be fun to source a few festive recipes for homemade dog treats. However, we are not slaves to the impossible on the cooking front, so we had a few rules for inclusion on our exclusive mutt menu: all recipes must be healthy, simple, look delicious and not have ingredients that we have never heard of - SO irritating, don’t you agree? You won’t make a dog’s dinner of these, we promise!


Homemade Candy Cane Dog Treats

These only have six ingredients and are made of flour, eggs, powdered milk and chicken broth. They take 10-12 minutes to cook, and the poshest ingredient is peppermint oil! Everything was on Ocado when we checked so this gets a thumbs up! They are so eye catching and would make a lovely pressie for a doggy owning friend too. You could pack them in clear cellophane bags, which cost under £2 for 30 at Tesco or Amazon, tie with ribbon, and hey presto – a handmade present for much less than a fiver!


Brie's Turkey and Cranberry Dog Bones

When you sit down for your Turkey on Christmas day, you best pal ever could have theirs too with this delicious looking treat. OK, so you’ll need to buy a bone shaped cutter if you don’t have one, but we have sourced one here for less than £2! Tdaahhh! These are healthy and cheap to make, and get 5 stars on their reviews, so get your rolling pin out….


Apple Cinnamon DIY Dog Donut Cookies

How can we ignore anything with cinnamon, coconut oil, Greek yoghurt, apple and honey in it? Most pooches would snaffle these up before you could say Ruff and Tumble! We loved the look of these and the ingredients are most definitely yummy and healthy. As the blog says, you don’t need any fancy cut outs, just a plain one and a bottle top for the centre cut out will do. Basically, you mix all the wet ingredients together and then the dry ones together and then knead. Sounds quite simple to us. Also, you can freeze these, even with the icing on, so we thought that was handy.

So, move over Mary B, the Ruff and Tumblers are the new cooks in town, complete with a Ruff and Tumble Teal and Tangerine Apron on of course!