A New Drying Coat that's three colours in one!

A New Drying Coat that's three colours in one!

We're very excited to announce the addition of a new Drying Coat to our premium Design Collection range. Called 'Harbour', this second striped coat from Ruff and Tumble combines a stunning colour palette of Aubergine, Granite and Sky making a stylish and striking custom dyed robe for dogs. A sophisticated look that is equally at home in the city or at the beach, your wet and cold dog will be warm, dry and stand out stylish in this new coat.

It may look like a dog towel - but it's much more clever and works so much better at drying your dog. Unlike other brands Ruff and Tumble uses a signature double layer of natural cotton towelling. The inside layer wicks moisture from the dog's coat and the body heat pushes the moisture through to the outer layer of towelling. This unique double thickness towelling prevents the dog from sitting in a cold damp coat. A deep neck turns up to dry the ears and a wide belly flap gives maximum coverage. Clever tucks and simple Velcro fastenings ensure comfort, ease of movement and a close fit for ultra fast drying. Match with long sleeved Drying Mitts for you to wipe paws and legs and you will have all the drying power you need.

No need to blow dry your dog with a hairdryer, the Drying Coat can be left on until it is completely dry and the natural breathable cotton, sustainably sourced, will not overheat your dog. Even better, every Drying Coat comes free with an eco-friendly cotton storage bag. Embrace the arrival of spring and summer with the classy Harbour stripes and start a new life of practical and super stylish drying

Every Drying Coat comes free with an

eco-friendly cotton storage bag!

Available in 14 sizes from XS to Giant Mountain Dog for dogs 5 - 120Kg: small terriers to St. Bernard's. Includes three sizes for Dachshunds and two for Basset Hounds.
Prices range from £43.95- £71.95 plus P&P.
Personalise for £8 extra,
Drying Mitts for wiping wet, muddy paws for £18.95 plus P&P.