How to help your dog have a stress-free Firework Season.

How to help your dog have a stress-free Firework Season.

If you have a dog that’s petrified of fireworks, please don’t blame yourself. If you have a dog that doesn’t flinch, don’t smugly take the credit either! There are plenty of common fears that dogs have, as well as ways to handle them.

Every year, Alison, the owner of Ruff and Tumble, watches Twiglet start to tremble and pant in fear as the fireworks begin. It’s horrible for them both, and every year it’s the same. Lulu Springer, despite being bred as a gun dog, is very wary too. Daisy Labrador? Well she couldn’t care less. One owner, three dogs, three different reactions.

This noisy season needn’t be hell for dog lovers if you follow some of these ideas:

   -  Make sure to take your dog for a long walk and wee in the light before the fun starts. It really helps if the dogs are tired. For added stimulation during the walk, hide treats in the grass for them to find.

  -  Set up a cosy spot where they feel safe, away from the front door and windows, with the TV or radio on and a favourite rug or toy.

  -  If dogs react to the fireworks noise, that’s ok; don’t admonish or make a fuss. Stay calm yourself and quietly reassure them.

  -  Never leave anxious dogs alone on firework night.

  -  Block cat flaps and dog flaps and close curtains.

  -  Wrap your dog up in their Ruff and Tumble Drying Coat. Like swaddling, it comforts and warms, encouraging sleep.


Every year, Alison makes sure Twiglet is calmed by her Drying Coat and has a safe and cosy den under a small table close to her in the sitting room.

Twiglet will never like fireworks, but with careful planning, and a bit of Ruff and Tumble, she survives the night!